Matuska Taxidermy Inc. is a small family owned company located in the heart of the Midwest. In 1973, Tom Matuska began his taxidermy business in the basement of his home. Because of his love of nature and strive for perfection, the lifelong dream of becoming a taxidermist soon became a reality. Business flourished and it wasn't long before the Matuska Taxidermy Studio grew into one of the most respected studios in the Midwest, mounting trophies from around the world. Word spread and soon people were asking how they too, could learn taxidermy. Thus in 1984 the Northwest Iowa School of Taxidermy was founded, and accepted it's first class of 2 students. Like the commercial studio, the school soon became recognized across the nation as one of the finest training facilities available and to date has trained hundreds of men and women from the United States, Canada, Mexico as well as several foreign countries in the "Art of Taxidermy". With a growing need for quality forms and supplies, the Matuska Taxidermy Supply Company began in 1997 and is a manufacturer and marketer of complete taxidermy solutions, dedicated to supplying today's taxidermists with the finest components, tools and chemicals available.




2011 World Taxidermy Championship
Collective Artists Division
1st Place Best of Category

2011 National Champion
Tohikon Challenge of the Arts
Wasco Award
Collective Artsts Award 1st Place

Mounted by Brett Wingfield
Tom Matuska